Weekly Summary 8

This is the moment everyone has been waiting for. The radio show is finally complete and I am so excited. It was such a process and honestly after doing this I have a newfound respect for radio show hosts and their ability to think on their feet.

Here is where we last left when I updated you all on the progress of the show.

Finally we got into actually doing the radio show. We all sat down and let the bumpers go and we started talking and I was shocked about how well the whole thing flowed. I really liked being able to just voice our opinions on all the topics that we covered. Overall I felt this experience was definitely challenging and audio editing is no joke. I found it really good how we were able to work together and no matter the road block we faced we were able to solve the problem. Whether that was creating mono tracks or condensing the bumpers we did everything needed to create a final product. So without further a do. Here it is!

Finally this week we had to do a few daily creates which weren’t that thought provoking. Here they are!

Overall this week was very stressful and I am glad to have finished everything needed. Excited to see what challenge faces our way next!

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