Radio Show Week 2

Finally it is time for us to start to get into the show and I am so excited. After establishing what we wanted to do with the show and bringing everything together we were able to then get creative with what we were going to talk about and how we were going to introduce it.

We started out by creating a great bumper by for the beginning of the show. We used the Incredibles theme song which was a perfect lead in. Then we started to focus on our items of talking points. We decided to do more of a standardized approach with less of a script for our talking.

We then started doing more commercials for the radio show as well as started to focus on the bumpers for the rest of the show. Overall I think those all came out great and will be great additions to the show. I also found it good how we sped up the songs we were going to use so we didn’t get in trouble with copyright.

Overall I am excited to finally record the whole thing and see how it comes out. Everyone should stay tuned.

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